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Jeany Stein is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully created and grown several companies.  Presently, Jeany is the CEO & Founder of Panotip, an interactive knowledge-based platform that enables immediate, efficient connection between people seeking advice and experts offering customized, personal assistance as well as online education. Jeany is also founder and chairman of Select2gether. Jeany also founded Design Universe to replace written paper forms with electronic ones through Mobile tablets. Design Universe created the world’s leading software that could convert handwritten meeting notes, reports, and forms into computer automatic text forms, and Design Universe also makes these forms sharable through mobile communications devices.

Prior to founding companies, Jeany was a researcher and scientist, holding numerous patents related to her work in hardware and software technology, including 3D display and interactive toolbars. There, she worked for the German Ministry of Research, coaching and mentoring 12 students in achieving their masters degrees and authoring 25 publications and giving 18 talks at Stanford, MIT, Caltech, and Berkeley among other universities on topics ranging from interactive computer graphics to artificial intelligence, machine learning, genetic algorithms and brain studies.

Jeany holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and a Stanford Executive Education from Stanford University.

Jeany regularly gives invited talks for national and international technology and business forums on the subject of the future of intelligent and disruptive technologies. Presently, she is an advisor and mentor to many women in Tech and she is an investor in several startups.

She is interested in Deep Learning, artificial intelligence, big data, wearable technology, longevity and access to on-demand knowledge and expertise.

Jeany has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors, donating to few charitable organizations and scientific research programs. She is creating a foundation to empower leadership in women and men. 

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